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mW installed capacity of thermal electric power plants that have been constructed by the company

Joint Stock Company “Institute Orgenergostroy” (JSC OES) is a multibusiness construction company with more than 60 years of working experience in integrated performance of high-tech operations focused on construction of power, petroleum and industrial plants both in Russia and abroad.

Currently the staff of the company consists of more than 2000 employees. The personnel are represented by highly skilled professionals with the extensive experience that also serve as trainers for the young hopefuls.

A multibranch network of the company and mobile project management groups allow resolving tasks set before us in any point of the world.        

We have successfully implemented more than 300 projects of power energy and industrial construction, rendered technical assistance and support on more than 700 facilities of power energy construction.

Our specialists helped create the construction infrastructure of the energy industry of the country, including construction bases and complexes. Thus, we can say that specialists of our company participated in construction of virtually all nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants on the territory of Russia and countries of the near abroad.

The main goal of the Company in the implementation of its activities is to ensure high quality of the work performed through the unconditional fulfillment of the established requirements, the use of modern technologies and the achievements of science and technology. When performing work in the field of nuclear energy, the highest priority is to ensure nuclear safety and environmental protection environment.

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