JSC Institute Orgenergostroy performs the whole complex of works related to engineering of power, petroleum and industrial objects is the leader in the sphere of designing of construction and mounting bases, extremely complex and dangerous site work execution plans for nuclear power plants.

All operations carried out by skilled specialists of our company are fulfilled in strict compliance with construction standards and rules of designing power, petroleum and industrial objects in Russia and abroad.

We pay a special attention to observance of environmental requirements and norms.

Personnel of the company consists of highly skilled designers and engineers who are able to implement all stages of designing, front end engineering designs and related works as a single set and meeting high standards, including:

  • Examination of buildings and structures
  • Development of required documentation (JOI, TA, WD, PCO, WPP etc.)
  • Approval of project documentation in regulatory bodies and supervisory authorities of the country where works are performed.
  • Selection of construction materials, equipment and technologies.
  • Designer supervision

Engineering and technological decisions, proposed by our company are designed to ensure the maximum economy of capital investments and labor inputs for the Customer during construction and reducing terms of project implementation.

The following nuclear power plants are included in the list of JSC OES competencies related to development of project and process documentation:

  • Akkuyu NPP, Turkey;
  • Baltiyskaya NPP (parts of building)
  • Belorusskaya NPP (Unit 1, 2)
  • Leningradskaya NPP -2
  • Nizhegorodskaya NPP. Power units 1, 2
  • Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 (Unit 1, 2)

For the last five years more than 7 construction mounting bases were designed, including:

  • Akkuyu NPP, Turkey;
  • Baltiyskaya NPP;
  • Belorusskaya NPP;
  • Kurskaya NPP;
  • Leningradskaya NPP–2;
  • Novovoronezhskaya NPP–2;

Also the current base of Belene NPP in Bulgaria was adapted.

Currently specialists of the company began designing of CMB for Rooppur NPP (The People’s Republic of Bangladesh) and development of base concept for nuclear plants Bushehr-2 (Iran), Hanhikivi (Finland), Ninh Thuan (Vietnam), and CMB for construction of nuclear power plant in Jordan and Armenia.

All design departments of JSC Institute Orgenergostroy operate under one engineering policy, based on synergistic effect from using a complex of norms, principles and modern methods in the sphere of designing and developing technologies for new construction objects, modernization and major overhaul of energy and industrial structures.

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