Technologies of quality

Construction and operation of objects related to power engineering, oil and gas industry is associated with various kinds of risks and dangers. A proper selection of construction material and observance of construction technologies is the guarantee of quality and safety for any building and structure. Such activities are assigned to a specialized department of construction quality technology in the Institute Orgenergostroy, which operates in the following directions:

  • Development of construction technology;
  • Development of state and industrial standards and other normative documents on technology, control and quality assurance of construction works, materials and products;
  • Carrying out of comparative analysis of domestic, foreign and international standards and other normative documents on construction and construction materials required for designing and construction of foreign objects;
  • Inspection of building constructions related to NPP, TPP, industrial and civilian objects in order to estimate their compliance with the project and normative documents;
  • Selection of materials for concretes and construction mortars and selection of their contents;
  • Development of engineering and technological decisions for permanent forms from steel fiber concrete and other effective and extra durable structures from this material.

It is also very important that Orgenergostroy company supports domestic manufacturers while selecting the construction material. In case when domestic manufacturers do not have the required materials that would meet the set goals or proper quality, preference goes to products of foreign companies, which performs manufacturing with permanent establishment in Russia.

The company tries to keep pace with the latest worldwide trends. Specialists of the department of construction quality technology monitor the market thoroughly to select materials with the best technical, operating, quality and price characteristics.

Owing to that JSC Institute Orgenergostroy is a well reputed construction company in industrial and power fields of business many corporate suppliers of new construction materials announce their production by themselves and readily cooperate with us.

Our competitive position lies in high competence of our personnel, long-term experience and detailed monitoring of worldwide innovations and progressive developments.

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