Inspection and disassembly

During the upgrading of structures, integration for new equipment or decommissioning of NPP the mandatory and most important stage is the inspection of building structures, representing a set of operations, performed to estimate the technical condition and subsequently disassemble structures of the main and auxiliary NPP structures of any complexity.

JSC Institute Orgenergostroy has the sufficient technological potential and extensive experience to perform such unique operations. This is exemplified by successfully performed contractual obligations on inspection and disassembly of building structures on the following objects:

  • During the preparation to performance of recovery operations at dormant Iranian nuclear power plant - Bushehr NPP, constructions of which were damaged in the course of war between Iran and Iraq, high priority task was inspection and disassembly of rundown and unrecoverable constructions for further use.
  • Belene NPP in Bulgaria, which was designed to replace capacities of decommissioned Kozloduy NPP was dormant for a long period of time that required inspecting and further disassembly of reinforced concrete structures in the volume of more than 150 thous. m3 and about 20 thousands of metal structures.

Materials, received in the process of disassembly works, should be processed into reclaimed materials: received break stone shall be used during the construction of NPP for performance of leveling operations, laying of automobile roads and platforms and also for recultivation of pits. Removed structural fragments, cut by diamond disks or ropes for elements are used as road panels, elements of coast-protecting structure etc. Scrap iron after melting is passed into economic turnover.

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